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13 Best Innerspring Mattress Deals for December 2022

13 Best Innerspring Mattress Deals for December 2022
13 Best Innerspring Mattress Deals for December 2022

A spring mattress is a traditional product, commonly used in the previous century. Modern spring mattresses look completely different than in the past. Innovative technologies make them very durable and comfortable. This type of mattress is highly valued by traditionalists - for a reason. A spring mattress has many advantages that make it a very popular option among users.

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What is a coil spring mattress made of?

First coil spring mattresses appeared in the 19th century. Despite the passing of time, such products are still available on the market. The current models are much more innovative. Furthermore, they are highly valued by their high durability in comparison with e.g. foam mattresses. There are many types of such products available, but pocket sprung mattresses are the most popular ones. They are one of the most commonly picked. Many products on the market are double sided mattresses that can be flipped over, which significantly prolongs their durability. The springs are also strengthened with various materials such as foam and coconut fibre. Spring mattresses guarantee durability for years.

What innerspring mattresses are available on the market?

One can get two versions of a coil spring mattress - they differ by the spring separation method. The first type, a bonnell mattress, is the most popular. The hourglass-shaped springs within it are connected with each other by a wire. Because of this, pressing on one spring causes compression of the others. Nowadays, mattresses consisting of coil springs only are not produced anymore. The elements are covered with layers of material, so there’s no worry that one of the springs will jump out and injure the user - which used to happen in the past. Currently, each innerspring mattress is safe for the user. The other type is known as a pocket sprung mattress. In such models, the springs are placed in separate pockets - as the name itself indicates. Thanks to this, each of the elements can work individually. As a result, the surface gets compressed only exactly where the pressure is applied. Because of this, a pocket spring mattress adjusts perfectly to the body shape and provides a better support for the spine. This contributes to a more comfortable sleep. The construction of a pocket sprung mattress also decides on its better durability.

Manufacturers also offer modern multi-pocket innerspring mattresses. It’s a type of a pocket sprung mattress with an increased number of springs. This means more support points and more comfort for the body. The springs in such mattresses are practically undetectable. Because of such innovation, they are the best mattresses with springs, and at the same time one of the most expensive solutions. Nonetheless, the increasing popularity of such products might change this soon.

What are the advantages of spring innerspring mattresses?

Innerspring mattresses are one of the most popular products of this type. Their durability is the basic advantage. Because of this, a coil spring mattress is a popular model among hotel owners. As for a pocket sprung mattress, it’s a perfect solution for a double bed. Because the springs work individually, the movements of the partner are practically unnoticeable. Thanks to the high durability, a spring mattress is also great for heavier users who cannot use foam mattresses. The market also offers a combination of those types such as an innerspring mattress reinforced with thermoplastic foam. They are highly recommended for users suffering from spine issues. They provide a perfect support and relaxation of every muscle, while keeping the body in the proper position. Every innerspring mattress has another important advantage - they provide a perfect air circulation, thanks to which they are great for allergy sufferers.

Can an innerspring mattress have any disadvantages?

Despite the many advantages, innerspring mattresses can also have some drawbacks. The high price of pocket spring mattresses is the biggest minus. Bonnell spring mattresses are cheaper, but they are less durable than the other type. What’s more, they can be prone to deformation. The connected springs make a worse fit for the body - that’s why a construction in which every spring is placed in a separate pocket is a better solution. Also, keep in mind that an innerspring mattress cannot be used with regulated slats.

How much does the best spring mattress cost?

The cost of a coil spring mattress depends on many various factors. The particular product type, size and material used in production is very important. You can decide on a model costing a few hundred dollars - $700 or $800. But keep in mind that it’s not always the best choice. The best spring mattresses cost even a few thousands of dollars, but when compared to their cheaper equivalents, they are much more durable and comfortable without comparison. Picking the best spring mattress contributes to the quality of sleep and health - so make sure to choose carefully.

Where to buy an innerspring mattress?

Coil spring mattresses are widely available products. There are many brands offering this type of goods. Note that you can purchase a spring mattress both in a physical store and online. If you want to choose the best model, make sure to compare opinions of other users - both about the product and the brand.

An innerspring mattress - who can benefit from it?

A pocket sprung mattress is a perfect solution for couples. Because the pressure is applied at one spot, there’s no rocking effect. The movements of the other person are practically undetectable, which guarantees an undisturbed rest throughout the whole night. A coil spring mattress is also great for everyone who doesn’t like the feeling of “sinking” into the bed. This type of product provides great body support.

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