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3 Best Professional Hair Dryers for December 2022

3 Best Professional Hair Dryers for December 2022
3 Best Professional Hair Dryers for December 2022

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What is a professional hair dryer?

A professional hair dryer can be used not only in hair salons, but also at home for everyday use. Pro dryers are distinct for their higher price, but it’s compensated with advanced functions, power and modern technology.

Where can you use a professional hair dryer?

A professional blow-dryer is mostly used by professionals - barbers and hairdressers. Because of their high quality and functions, these devices started appearing at homes as well. They are being purchased by those who care about their hair, and don’t just want to dry it using hot temperature without any protection.

What types of professional hair dryers are there?

A professional hair dryer available on the market is a combination of the best materials and technologies. To create this type of device, one has to address the needs of professional hairdressers. Thanks to a variety of useful technological solutions, one can easily dry hair and protect it at the same time.

Which brands offer a professional blow-dryer?

Most major brands offer a professional hair dryer. They are offered by manufacturers like BaByliss, Panasonic, Fox Blue Eye, Parlux and GHD Aura. Companies producing professional devices make sure not only that their products are of the highest quality, but also that they come with a variety of accessories, features and technological novelties.

What to pay attention to when picking a professional hair dryer?

If you decide to buy a professional-class device, make sure to pay attention to several key elements. The power of the device is the essential - models from this category are offered in upper limits, so they are highly efficient. Also, check the length of the cord, although it’s usually long enough for a hair salon - it should be long enough at home as well.

Professional blow-dryers offer various functions, depending on the model. Check the individual parameters of the model you consider purchasing and make sure that a particular device matches your preferences.

Is a professional hair dryer a loud device?

Professional hair dryers are designed specifically having hair experts working in hair salons in mind. Despite their high power, the noise level they generate is standard. The market also offers models generating much less noise than standard devices.

The best professional hair dryer - does it come with any additional accessories?

Hair dryer manufacturers sometimes add various gadgets to their professional blow-dryers, but it’s not a standard. It depends on the model, brand and particular set. You can expect accessories like air concentrators, a diffuser and other useful items, e.g. a pouch for the device.

How much does a professional hair dryer cost?

Depending on the brand, professional hair dryers vary in price. Simple models offering a medium-quality build and medium power cost about $100. For more advanced models, you might have to pay $400 and more.

Where can I buy a professional hair dryer?

Search for professional hair dryers in electronic stores, as well as directly hair accessories oriented shops. Make sure to check online stores. They offer a better choice and prices.

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