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Modern Bathroom - Discover 5 Amazing Modern Bathroom Ideas

Modern interior designs are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, then that many homeowners decide on a modern bathroom as well. Such interiors are not difficult to design, although, of course - a good idea is the most important factor here. Are you wondering about possible concepts? Check the most interesting inspirations and learn what your modern bathroom could look like.

Modern Bathroom - Discover 5 Amazing Modern Bathroom Ideas

Modern bathroom - what’s typical for the design?

Modern style in architecture is distinct for its simplicity. The interiors are quite minimalistic, but also very functional. A careful matching of accessories, furniture and other elements is crucial, in this case. You shouldn’t use too many of them, and the ones that appear in the bathroom are supposed to serve a particular purpose.

A modern bathroom design is typically associated with colors like white, grey and black - basic classics. While many interiors are designed this way, it doesn’t mean every modern bathroom has to look the same. As interior design experts stress, you can add other colors to a modern bathroom. Here are the most popular colors, as of late:

  • beige,
  • pink,
  • brown.

Interestingly enough, you can also decide on a stronger color accent, e.g. bottle-green or fuchsia. But make sure to keep everything in moderation. Such colors shouldn’t dominate the interior. They can be an addition in order to highlight the modern bathroom design.

Space is another characteristic aspect of modern interiors. Those who have a whole house at their disposal, can design a small SPA in their bathroom. But don’t forget that many people live in small apartments. In this case, you can design a modern bathroom as well, although it will look quite different.

Modern bathroom - what's typical for the design?

A modern bathroom is not just a concept and colors, but also materials. They should highlight the minimalist design of the interior. For this reason, modern bathrooms often use materials such as:

  • simple ceramic tiles,
  • architectural concrete,
  • glass.

Interestingly enough, a modern bathroom design often uses wood. The walls can be finished e.g. with vertical wooden slats in the wall. They look very interesting - especially when combined with e.g. black ceramic elements and fixtures.

What are the most popular materials used in a modern bathroom?

A modern bathroom with a bathtub

You can design a modern bathroom with a bathtub regardless of the size of the interior. Do you think it’s impossible? Or perhaps someone told you it can work only in large interiors? Thanks to the many possibilities available on the market, a bathtub won’t take a lot of space at all.

A freestanding bathtub looks perfect in extensive spaces. Models of streamlined shapes are the best for a modern bathroom. You can add a tall faucet to it, e.g. black or golden. Such a combination looks terrific.

A small modern bathroom can be designed with a small built-in bathtub. In this case, you can pick a special panel to create a wall. This way, the tub gains a new functionality, as you can use it as a shower stall without worrying about flooding the interior.

A modern bathroom with a bathtub

Modern bathroom design with wood

A modern bathroom design with shower

Are long hours spent in a bathtub not your cup of tea, and you prefer a shower instead? No problem - it’s a common element used in a modern bathroom, although in a different form than usual.

A modern bathroom with a shower uses mostly simple forms. Constructions without a tray are popular, in this case. What are the benefits of a curbless shower? First, it takes much less space, which is important if the space in the interior is limited. The lack of barriers and glass panels improve the sense of capaciousness in the room. It becomes lightweight and spacious.

A curbless shower with glass panels is a perfect option to emphasize interesting fixtures in the interior. Many people pick decorative golden or black elements. The latter are particularly controversial. It’s because they are difficult to clean. But there is one simple trick - just rub some oil on your black fixtures. This way, water flows down instead of sitting on the elements and forming stains.

A modern bathroom design with shower

Modern bathroom with shower and bathtub

Small modern bathroom ideas

Do you have a tiny bathroom to design, and you don’t want to give up modern style? You don’t have to do it - small interiors are perfect in this case - all you need is a good concept for the design.

First, one needs to pick light colors. They make the interior look bigger, so even a small modern bathroom can look excellent. It doesn’t have to be white. Beige, ivory and dusty pink are great for this purpose as well. In some cases, you can use other pastel colors - but keep them in moderation.

Finishing materials and decorative elements are another issue. Light colors are not the only elements that make the room look bigger - mirrors and lighting can do it as well. For this reason, don’t hesitate to use them. You can also use mirror tiles on one of the walls. Also, make sure to plan a few light points across the entire interior.

If your bathroom is small, avoid using excessive decorations and accessories. They could limit your movements, and there’s nothing worse than an impractical bathroom making it impossible to use as intended.

Small modern bathroom ideas

Bright small modern bathroom design

A modern dark bathroom

It’s generally accepted that a modern bathroom should be bright. But what about those who dislike such colors? In fact, an interior of this type can be designed in black or dark blue - there’s no problem with that. Just remember about the two basic rules - minimalism and practicality.

A combination of black and wood is an interesting option for a modern bathroom design. The result is surprising, that’s why more and more people decide on such a solution. You can simply paint the walls black, put vertical wood slats over them, and lay the floor with wood-like tiles. White ceramics and black fixtures perfectly complement such a design. Lighting is another important factor - it should be strong. This way, dark walls seem brighter.

Instead of black color on the walls, you can also pick bottle-green. It will surely create a more surprising effect. In this case, you can pick copper or golden fixtures instead of black ones. This way, you create a very modern bathroom.

A modern dark bathroom

Ultra modern bathroom design

A feminine modern bathroom design

A modern and at the same time feminine bathroom - is it even possible? Of course, although you won’t use any classic solutions in this case. Consider the following interesting ideas:

  • Light, e.g. grey walls in the bathroom can be complemented with wall molding, pink ceramics and golden fixtures. In this case, you can lay the floor with white or grey tiles without grout.
  • Walls in pastel pink can be perfectly complemented with vertical wooden slats. Add bright ceramics and black fixtures to that.

There are many options in this regard. One of the walls can be covered with a photo wallpaper or tiles with a delicate floral pattern. Focus on creating a delicate, feminine space, which won’t be too exaggerated and overly colorful.

A feminine modern bathroom design

Feminine pink modern bathroom

📍 What are the best tiles for a modern bathroom?

Single-colored, glossy white, grey or black tiles are perfect for a modern bathroom. Many people pick wood-like tiles for the floors. Some projects use tiles with delicate engraved patterns.

📍 What are the best colors for a modern bathroom?

A modern bathroom uses primarily light colors - not only white but also grey and beige. Projects using pastel colors look interesting as well. One can implement dark color, too - provided the project is designed well. Modern bathroom ideas often break the rules and use black or shades of dark blue and green.