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How to Grow a Lemon Tree? Growing Lemon Tree From Seed

Have you ever heard about growing exotic fruits from seeds? As it turns out, it's possible to do at home. If you like lemon trees and would like to try growing them, we have good news for you – it's totally possible. Check what a lemon tree from a seed needs for proper growth. Learn how to care of the exotic tree.

How to Grow a Lemon Tree? Growing Lemon Tree From Seed

Can you grow a lemon tree in a pot?

Growing a lemon tree in a pot is becoming increasingly popular with each year. The fact that it’s easy to do is one of the reasons behind that. A lemon tree from seed doesn’t need a lot of care, and yet it looks interesting and increases the aesthetics of house interiors.

Because of their popularity, mini lemon trees are often offered in flower shops, gardening stores and even supermarkets. But there’s no need to buy them, as you can grow the plant yourself. If you’re a fan of challenges, you’ll surely like this one.

Can you grow a lemon tree in a pot?

Growing a lemon tree from a seed – start from planting it

Planting a lemon seed is the first step of growing a lemon tree. You might need a few other things, such us:

  • a small pot,
  • expanded clay pebbles,
  • potting soil for citrus trees,
  • plastic wrap.

To plant the lemon seed, prepare the pot. Pour a layer of clay pebbles to the bottom – it will take care of drainage and prevent standing water. Add the potting soil on top – it should reach about 2/3 of the container.

Before putting the seed in the soil, it needs to be rinsed if it’s taken from the fruit. Thanks to this, you remove fructose that might lead to fungi development. After doing it, plant the seed about 2 cm deep in the soil.

The next step involves covering the pot with plastic wrap and making small holes in it to let oxygen inside. This way, you can create greenhouse-like conditions for the plant, making it grow faster.

Growing a lemon tree from seed – start from planting it

How to take care of the planted seed before the lemon tree sprouts?

Before your lemon tree seed sprouts, make sure it has good conditions provided. Warmth is the most important factor. Put the pot with the seed on a windowsill or in another sunny location. The temperature cannot drop below 17°C (62.6°F).

The soil in the pot should be moderately wet. But there cannot be too much water, otherwise the seed is exposed to decay.

Remove the plastic wrap as soon as you notice the plant began sprouting. 3 weeks is the typical time one has to wait. But sometimes, the process lasts longer.

Growing a lemon tree from a seed – care guide

When your long-awaited lemon tree grows, make sure to take a proper care of it. A developed plant isn’t as demanding about the temperature as it was during its sprouting phase. But conditions below 9-10°C (48.2-50°F) might be dangerous.

If the weather is nice, you can put your potted lemon tree outside – on a balcony or a patio. But don’t place it in full sun. Indirect sunlight is much better for the plant.

Regular repotting is a very important aspect of lemon tree care. It’s typically done once per year, when the plant is moved to a bigger container.

Growing a lemon tree from seed – care guide

Will a lemon tree from a seed bear fruits?

A lemon tree grown from a seed can bear fruit… but not as soon as one might expect. Be patient – even if the tree is provided with the best care, you might have to wait for fruits from several to over a dozen years. But don’t give up – a lemon tree with fruits is a truly stunning sight.

Can you eat fruits from a lemon tree from a seed?

Are you excited that you will have your own lemons? True, it might happen. But don’t be too happy about it, as such fruits are usually just for decoration. They look and smell fantastic, but won’t likely taste good.

Can you eat fruits from a lemon tree from seed?

📍 How to grow a lemon tree from a seed?

Growing a lemon tree from a seed is not difficult. Just prepare the seed and soil for it. Temperature and moisture are also quite important elements you need to take care of.

📍 How long does a lemon tree grow from a seed?

Lemon trees enthusiasts might be disappointed, as these plants grow slow. While lemon trees sprout after a few weeks from planting and begin to look great after a few months, they don't develop as rapidly in the next stages. One has to wait many years for first fruits – and not all lemon trees bear fruit anyway.

📍 When will my lemon tree from a seed bear fruit?

Fruit bearing is a complicated matter when it comes to lemon trees grown from seeds. First, they need excellent conditions to make it even possible. The process usually begins after many years, so a lot of patience is required.

📍 When does a lemon tree bloom?

A lemon tree blooms when it's about to develop fruits. It doesn't happen often when it comes to trees grown from seeds. One has to wait a few, over a dozen, or even over twenty years for it to happen.