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How to Clean Pavers? 5 Effective Methods and Paver Cleaners

Paving stones are a popular material for finishing the area near company buildings, but also around residential buildings. It's a practical and good-looking solution. Note that it's necessary to clean paving stones to retain their good shape. Obviously, you can hire a professional service to do it for you. But many people decide to clean pavers on their own. Check a few effective methods.

How to Clean Pavers? 5 Effective Methods and Paver Cleaners

Why should you clean pavers regularly?

Paving stones look good, but only if they are kept in a good shape. That’s why regular cleaning is necessary. By doing it, you remove debris carried by the wind and dirt resulting from everyday use.

Cleaning pavers regularly has yet another, highly important purpose. If you keep the material in order, it will retain its durability for longer. This way, it’s protected from discoloration and moss, which are common problems of poorly maintained pavers.

Why should you clean the pavers regularly?

How often do you have to clean pavers?

Regular care of paving stones is essential. But don’t overdo the frequency of cleaning. Have you just laid pavers on your property and are wondering how often you are going to have to clean them? In reality, everything depends on what vehicles you use on them, and on the shape of your yard, as well as the vicinity.

If you live in an urban area, and you only park cars and bicycles, you can clean your pavers just once a year. Refreshing the surface after winter is a good option.

If your house is surrounded by a lot of greenery – trees and bushes – and you have a little pond or another reservoir nearby, rest assured you’re going to have to clean the pavers more frequently. Fortunately, 2-3 times per year is just enough.

Is it a good idea to clean pavers yourself?

Many people decide to lay paving stones themselves – cleaning them shouldn’t be a problem, either. Just follow a few tips provided by experts – they can be found online. It’s crucial, as cleaning pavers from dust or moss looks completely different from removing substances such as:

  • fuel,
  • oil,
  • cement,
  • paint.

Is it a good idea to clean pavers yourself?

How to clean pavers – dust and dirt

Small particles and minor dirt aren’t anything concerning when cleaning pavers. They appear on every property and are usually carried by the wind. Removing dust and dirt is easy. All you need is a good brush with hard bristles – use it to sweep the paving stones. Thanks to this tool, you can remove all dirt – even particles sitting in between the elements.

After thorough sweeping, simply wash the surface with water using a garden hose.

By regular sweeping and washing the paving stones, you can keep them in a fantastic shape. You don’t have to worry that dirt will penetrate the elements’ structure, causing ugly discoloration. These actions are also the least invasive. Thanks to this, you can repeat them once a month, if needed.

How to clean pavers – moss

Moss on pavers is a natural phenomenon, especially if the area is humid and full of plants. Sometimes, moss is a result of improperly laid pavers, or rather not preparing the surface the right way. If you don’t react to moss on pavers, it might spread in such a way that you won’t be able to remove it.

Fresh moss which has just appeared on pavers can be easily removed using water under high pressure. No additional tools are required. But, if you failed to react quickly enough, you need abrasive equipment to scrub the moss off the surface. Usually, special brushes are used. They remove moss perfectly even from hard-to-reach cracks.

How to clean pavers – moss

How to remove cement from pavers

Sometimes, you have to make some renovations on your property. They might involve finishing the building’s façade, building a gazebo or replacing the fence. Cement is a commonly used material in such situations. Just a moment of distraction, and it lands on your pavers. What to do if it happens?

Even if you realize immediately that you spilled a bit of the material, and you remove it promptly, an ugly stain might still remain on the pavers’ surface anyway. You cannot prevent that. How to clean it? A brush with hard bristles comes in handy. It can remove fresh stains easily.

Have you noticed the stain after some time, and the brush didn’t work? You might have to hire a professional to clean the pavers for you. Such stains require special equipment which can remove the issue. Wet sandblasting is the most effective method.

Removing paint from pavers

Paint stains happen just as frequently as cement stains. A reckless splash when painting various types of garden equipment is all it takes. Can you clean the pavers in this case as well?

In fact, everything depends on the type of paint that was used. Paint used for façades is the easiest to remove. It can be washed off with water under pressure – especially if you’re removing fresh material.

Other types of paint, e.g., silicon-based, are more difficult to clean. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to clean pavers stained with such products. It’s just trickier. In this case, a special chemical-based paver cleaner is the best option.

How to remove oil from pavers?

Do you organize barbecue parties with your friends? Or perhaps you’ve just noticed a malfunction in your car? Both scenarios can lead to oily stains on your paving stones, prompting you to wonder how to remove them. If you act immediately, there’s a chance to get rid of the dirt. Just use some water with dish soap. Although it’s hard to believe, this method really works!

Have you noticed greasy marks on your pavers after a while? You can try using a degreasing agent. Such detergents are commonly used in households. Not working? You need a specialized product. You can purchase it e.g., in a gardening store.

How to remove oil from pavers?

📍 How much does it cost to clean pavers?

Cleaning paving stones can be done on your own – if so, it costs exactly as much as the paver cleaner you use. If you decide to hire a professional cleaning service, the price depends on the surface of the cleaned area.

📍 How to clean pavers using a pressure washer?

Cleaning pavers using a pressure washer is one of the best and quickest ways to get rid of dirt from the surface. Just plug the device and start using it. It's not complicated, and helps to remove various types of dirt.

📍 What's the best pressure for cleaning pavers?

When using a power washer for cleaning minor dirt from pavers, you can set a lower pressure of 150 bars. If the dirt is more extensive – even 250 bars might be required – but make sure to be extra careful.