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How To Clean an Iron? Check Best Proven Iron Cleaning Methods

Have you ever discovered a stain on your clothes when ironing? Or perhaps you were infuriated because your old, burnt iron had ruined your favourite piece of garment. Such situations are a result of dirt that accumulates on the device. If you dream of fresh, clean clothes, first you need to take care of your iron. Learn how to clean an iron and get rid of the dirt on your appliance.

How To Clean an Iron? Check Best Proven Iron Cleaning Methods

Why is it so important to clean an iron plate?

Regular iron plate cleaning is a highly important matter, as it helps to keep the device in a good shape. This way your clothes always look neat and clean. Systematic cleaning of the iron plate is important so that light clothing doesn’t get stained when ironing. But that’s not all you can do to make the device work properly for a long time. Apart from that, you should apply a few rules.

How to make your iron work longer?

If you want to increase the lifespan of your iron, remember about a few rules when using it. To do it:

  • follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations,
  • wipe the iron plate right before using it,
  • iron delicate fabrics through a cotton cloth,
  • start cleaning the iron plate only after it cools off,
  • remove any leftover water from the container every time after ironing,
  • descale the device regularly,
  • avoid rubbing the iron plate against sharp surfaces,
  • avoid using strong chemicals intended for metals.

Dirt might accumulate on the device for various reasons. One of them is dust settling on the iron plate. A growing layer of dust creates a sticky surface and adheres to the appliance. When heated, the dirty residue remains on the ironed clothes.

Why is it so important to clean an iron plate?

Other factor that might have an adverse impact is setting the temperature too high. As a result, the burnt iron leaves black stains that are difficult to wash off. The dirt accumulates inside of the device as well. Hard water poured into the water container might cause lime scale buildup. For this reason, anyone who wonders how to clean an iron should remember to clean it inside as well.

Only cleaning the iron plate is not enough for effective and unproblematic ironing. The surface where the clothes are ironed is equally important. The most convenient and also the safest solution is simply an ironing board. In case you do not own an object like this (e.g. because of lack of space), you might use a towel placed onto a smooth and hard surface.

How to clean an iron? 5 DIY tricks to clean a steam iron

There are many ways to clean an iron. There are certain popular methods you can try yourself. Keep in mind that the iron cleaning solution should be appropriate for the iron plate coating - this way, you can be sure that it is safe and effective.

Vinegar and soda paste - a well-known iron cleaning solution

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is one of the most popular methods to clean an iron. Such cleaning solution in form of paste is perfect for getting rid of difficult stains on an iron. Prepare the mixture in proportion 2:1 - mix two parts of soda with one part of vinegar. Be careful not to mix the solution too quickly. The ingredients react with each other, and they might grow very rapidly, forming a lot of foam.

Although this method is highly effective, it cannot be used with a teflon iron plate. The mixture of those two ingredients is harmful for teflon surfaces.

Toothpaste can clean a burnt iron plate

How to clean an iron plate made of aluminium? Toothpaste is a perfect remedy for it. Just use some mint toothpaste, spreading it all over the plate with a soft cloth or a toothbrush. Rub the iron plate delicately until the burn marks disappear. Then clean the surface off the paste, paying attention to the steam holes in the device.

Toothpaste can clean a burnt iron plate

Paracetamol - not that obvious but highly effective method to clean an iron

There are methods on how to clean an iron that might be less popular - but they are equally powerful as the others. One of them is using paracetamol. The biggest advantage is the fact that it can be used on any type of surface. Just heat up the iron and press a paracetamol tablet against the surface. To easily get rid of the black marks, rub it with circular movements against the soleplate.

Wait until the iron plate cools off and finish the cleaning using a wet cloth.

How to clean an iron using lemon juice

Lemon juice is an effective agent that dissolves even the most stubborn dirts that sticks to the surface of the device. It is one of the fastest methods to clean iron plate. It might be used with any surface, also ceramic and teflon. Just soak a soft cloth with some lemon juice. Then rub the burnt surface until the black marks disappear. You can get similar results when ironing a fluffy towel soaked with lemon juice.

How to clean an iron using lemon juice

A burnt iron plate? Just use cooking salt

Salt is a good way to clean any type of iron. Place a piece of parchment paper or newspaper on an even, flat surface. Then pour some salt on it and press a hot iron. Rub it against the salted surface - the dirt is going to dissapear after a few minutes.

A burnt iron plate? Just use cooking salt

How to clean an iron with a ceramic plate?

A ceramic iron plate is very delicate, so it needs special treatment.

Small stains can be removed with acidic solutions such as vinegar or lemon juice. If the iron is badly burnt, they might be ineffective. How to clean an iron in such case? Just use a raw wooden board. Heat up the device and rub the board against the surface, using appropriate force.

Be careful not to press too strong when ironing. It might damage the fragile iron plate. You might also try to use a special brush for ceramic surfaces. Keep in mind that it is a risky method and you should be careful.

How to clean a iron with a teflon-coated plate?

Another fragile type of irons are the ones with a teflon-coated plates. They are very prone to scratches, therefore one should use such a device carefully.

How to clean an iron so that the process is safe for the surface? If the plate is burnt, you might try rubbing it with a soft cloth dampened with vinegar. Because teflon is a very delicate surface, cleaning iron plate requires extra patience.

Mistakes that one should avoid when cleaning iron plate with a fragile coating:

  • quick, rapid rubbing against the surface,
  • cleaning iron plate with a wire brush,
  • using baking soda or salt,
  • using chemicals meant for other types of surfaces.

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How to clean a steam iron safely

Everyday cleaning of a steam iron should be performed very carefully so that the device is not damaged.

A steam iron is quite different than the rest of the appliances of this type. It uses hot steam distributed through specially designed steam holes. In traditional irons steam is used only as an addition. Because a steam iron works differently than other devices, it needs to be cleaned differently as well. How to clean an iron of this type so that it’s safe?

How to clean a steam iron safely

Similar to every other iron, a steam iron needs to be wiped every time before using it. Otherwise dust might cause the iron plate to burn. For regular cleaning, it is good to use a cream cleaner, specifically designed for this type of devices. It should be spread onto the surface with a clean, soft cloth.

If the device gets burnt, the best iron cleaning remedy in such case is vinegar. Soak a cloth with a hot solution made of half glass of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda. Rub it delicately until the marks are gone - it’s a very quick method.

How to clean an iron with a scale buildup?

Descaling an iron is a very important part of the device maintenance. It should be repeated regularly, at least once in two months. Cleaning iron this way can make it last much longer without any malfunction.

If you’re wondering how to clean an iron and get rid of limescale - there are several methods to choose from. The easiest way is to buy a descaler. Pouring this strong chemical into the device gets rid of the scale in no time.

Descaler is a very cheap product. It is completely safe for irons so there is no worry that it could damage your device.

How to clean an iron with a scale buildup?

Another, even less costly method to clean an iron with a scale buildup is a solution of vinegar with water. Pour it into the water tank and start ironing a cloth until the scale falls off. When ironing, you will smell a characteristic scent of vinegar.

One more, very popular and cheap way to clean an iron off scale is using a citric acid solution. To make it, mix a glass of water with three tablespoons of acid. Similar to the previous method, turn on the iron and start ironing a cloth. The scale should fall out of the steam holes.

Some irons have a special function called calc-clean or self-clean. It notifies the user when the device needs to be cleaned. It is typically signalled by a special light.

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📍 How to clean an iron that has been burnt?

First, choose the right method for cleaning an iron plate. One of the most popular and safe remedies for any kind of device is ironing a cloth soaked with lemon juice. This way you can quickly get rid of the black marks.

📍 What should I use to clean iron plate?

Use a soft, damp cloth every time before using the iron to get rid of dust. You might also use an earbud to clean the steamholes. Cleaning iron plate is important, as it prevents the device malfunction.

📍 How to clean an iron with teflon-coating?

The best method for cleaning iron plate made of teflon is wiping the surface with a cloth soaked with vinegar. Avoid using force, as it could damage the delicate surface. Do it regularly so that the iron plate is always ready to use.