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Handheld Steamer - How to Choose the Best Steam Cleaner?

As the world develops technologically, new devices appear to help us with the everyday tasks. A steam cleaner is one of them - it's an increasingly popular equipment appearing in many households. Is a steam mop or washer suitable for you? What are the most important aspects of such a device? Learn the key issues to consider when buying a steam cleaner.

Handheld Steamer - How to Choose the Best Steam Cleaner?

What is a steam cleaner and why is it worth buying?

A steam cleaner is an increasingly popular cleaning device, often chosen by those who want to make the everyday activities easier. No wonder - it’s an easy method for a clean house, thanks to which one can eliminate the use of detergents and chemicals. How does a steam cleaner work? The device uses steam under high pressure to dissolve any dirt and make it easy to remove.

A handheld steam cleaner is a particularly useful solution for people who suffer from respiratory diseases like allergies or asthma. Hot steam is perfect for disinfecting the cleaned surfaces and eliminating the harmful bacterias and pathogens. Additionally, because a steam cleaner does not require using any chemicals - there are no acrid smells which are a common problem for people with asthma. A handheld steamer is also a perfect product for anyone who cares about the environment.

Apart from the mentioned advantages, steam cleaner has also one basic benefit - it’s effective. It’s a perfect solution for difficult stains on various surfaces.

What is a steam cleaner and why is it worth buying?

A steam cleaner - what types can you purchase?

Manufacturers use the term “steam cleaner” to label any cleaning device that generates steam. There are basically three steam cleaner types available on the market:

  • A handheld steam cleaner - a small and exceptionally convenient device. It is typically used to clean small surfaces.
  • A steam mop - a steam cleaner attached to a long handle, thanks to which one can quickly disinfect large areas - floors, walls and carpets. Some steam mop models can be easily turned into a small handheld device.
  • A large steam cleaner - the biggest of the mentioned devices. It’s also the most versatile of them all. You can use it to clean small hard-to-reach spaces as well as extensive surfaces.

The choice of a particular device depends mostly on the purposes the steam cleaner should serve. Before buying anything, think what you are planning to do with a steam cleaner.

How can one use a steam cleaner?

There are many ways in which you can use a steam cleaner. Those devices are so versatile that you can basically clean the entire household with them. Steam washers are usually used for cleaning floors and washing bathrooms. It’s a perfect way to wash glass surfaces: mirrors, windows, glass countertops and shower stall doors. A steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning grouting, removing scale, grease and other types of dirt.

Steam cleaners are also an invaluable help for refreshing carpets and upholstered furniture. As already mentioned - hot steam disinfects the cleaned surfaces, removing bacterias and allergens, dust mites or even bed bugs. The steam cleaner also eliminates smells. It’s particularly useful for pet owners - one can remove unpleasant scents in a matter of minutes.

Hot steam is also fantastic for disinfecting mattresses, plush toys, duvets and pillows. It’s a great option if there are small children in the house.

Not everybody knows a steam cleaner is an ideal solution for refreshing clothes and curtains. It’s quite helpful if you need removing any wrinkles without the necessity of ironing.

How can one use a steam cleaner?

The most important features of a steam cleaner

Finding the right model is key if you want the steam cleaner to work for a long time. What should you keep in mind when purchasing a particular device? There are many aspects to consider - check them below.

Power of the device

A steam cleaner should have enough power. It determines the time the washer takes to heat up. The higher the power - the shorter the time and more efficient the cleaning. The largest steam cleaners can use up to 2000 W. When it comes to steam mops, 1000 - 1200 W devices are considered efficient.

Water tank volume

This feature is often omitted - which is a mistake. It’s worth paying attention - the larger the tank is, the less frequently one has to refill it. It’s also useful if the tank is transparent so that you can fully control the water level.

Steam expense

Steam expense is simply the pace at which the device releases the steam under pressure. It translates to quicker cleaning of the dirty surfaces. The steam expense of a standard steam cleaner should be around 64-97 g/min.

The cord length

The longer the cord, the more extensive area a device can cover. It is particularly important for steam cleaners - choose the one with a longer cord. The standard length of the cord is 5 meters. A portable steam cleaner is another option available on the market - it allows for a full range of movement.

The size and weight of the device

A handheld steam cleaner should be lightweight enough for one to be able to manipulate it freely and reach distant corners. Also, think of the spot in which you are going to keep the device when it’s unused. If the space is limited, a small steam cleaner is the best choice.

Accessories included

As you examine a particular model, pay attention to the attachments included in the set. A handheld steam cleaner should contain nozzles of various diameters, large and small brushes and ending with cloth. The endings and nozzles are used for different purposes: cleaning glass, grouting, furniture, floor, carpet.

Sometimes the manufacturer offers additional elements purchased separately. Nevertheless, when buying a steam cleaner make sure it has everything you need to use the device right after away.

Additional functionalities

Aside from the basic purpose - generating steam - steam cleaners often have additional functions. For instance, some steam washers have an option of regulating the steam intensity. Sometimes they also contain a sensor preventing the tank overflow and a safety lock. Those are not necessary functionalities, but they might be very useful.

The most important features of a steam cleaner

What is the cost of a good steam cleaner?

The price of a steam cleaner depends mostly on what model it is. The smallest, handheld steam cleaners are the cheapest. A steam mop typically costs a little more. The large steam washer machines are the most expensive ones. When considering a purchase, do not make the price your main criterion - a good quality is the feature a good steam cleaner should posses. Pay attention to the construction of the device and the quality of materials.

How to use a steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner is typically a very easy to use device. Before the first use, make sure to read the manual and familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Usually, to use a steam cleaner one has to fill the tank with water and plug the device to the power source. The next step is turning the cleaner on - if it can regulate the steam power, make sure to adjust this parameter. When the device reaches the right temperature - typically it takes only a few minutes - the steam cleaner is ready to use.

A steam cleaner can be used only with water. Do not pour any sort of detergent into the tank - it might cause a malfunction.

A steam cleaner is a very useful device, definitely worth having at home. It’s a simple, universal method for quick cleaning. A handheld steam cleaner, mop or a large steam pressure washer - the device will serve you for a long time.

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📍 How to clean a couch with a steam cleaner?

Start from vacuuming the sofa thoroughly. Prepare the steam cleaner and start washing the pillows and removable parts, then do the same with the rest. Leave the sofa to dry. If the sofa is heavily stained, prewash the stains with a detergent before using the steam cleaner.

📍 How to disinfect carpet without steam cleaner?

Steam cleaner is the best way to disinfect a carpet but if you don't have it, you can use other cleaning methods - such as vinegar. Just mix a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water and spray it onto the carpet. Then wash the carpet using a sponge and water, and dry it off thoroughly.

📍 How does a steam cleaner work?

A steam cleaner heats up water to generate steam, which is released under high pressure. Most devices are equipped with various nozzles for cleaning different surfaces: brushes for heavy dirt and scale, soft cloth for windows and flat surfaces.

📍 Where to buy a steam cleaner?

Check your local supermarkets and electronic stores - they will surely have a steam cleaner in offer. You could also try online stores - they typically have better prices.