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Father's Day Gift Ideas - 9 Great Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Father's Day is a unique day when one can appreciate the effort of upbringing. It's a good reason to surprise your dad and give him a gift, in addition to best wishes. Are you wondering about the best Father's Day gift? We can help. Thanks to our suggestions, you will give something unique to your dad and surely make him smile.

Father's Day Gift Ideas - 9 Great Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Interesting gift ideas for first Father’s Day

A first Father’s Day is special. It’s quite logical that the baby is still too small to prepare something for their dad, so it’s the mom who should think of something (and vice versa – the father should take care of a Mother’s Day gift.

There are many options. But make sure it’s something sentimental, which perhaps might function as a remembrance to cherish for years.

A personalized custom-order Father’s Day gift might be a good solution. The choice is wide. You can pick, for instance:

  • a mug,
  • a t-shirt,
  • a “Best Dad” certificate,
  • a poster.

Interesting gift ideas for first Father's Day

DIY Father’s Day gifts from a toddler

A hand-crafted Father’s Day gift from a small child usually is prepared in a kindergarten. Kindergarten teachers have many interesting ideas, and bringing such a gift home is a pleasant surprise.

The most charming ideas include:

  • drawn and painted cards,
  • collages with a heart and best wishes,
  • hand imprints in salt dough,
  • unusual frames made of e.g., screws or coasters – with a photo inside.

If there are no fitting creative activities in the child’s kindergarten, the mom can always organize them at home. This way, she can spend time with the toddler, and the dad will receive a memorable gift.

DIY Father's Day gifts from a toddler

Father’s Day gift ideas – a keychain

A keychain is a highly practical gift which can be used in many ways. One can attach it to home keys or car keys. Thanks to it, losing them is less probable.

The market offers many types of keychains for a few dollars. But store-bought products aren’t as charming as custom-made ones. A keychain with a photo of the child or the entire family and a custom text is a perfect Father’s Day gift. It will surely warm dad’s heart every time he looks at it.

Father's Day gift ideas – a keychain

Father’s Day gifts – a gift for a family handyman

It’s not a secret that dads are real handymen. They can revive a broken toy, fix a leaking tap or other elements at home. But to make it possible – they need time and proper tools. That’s why a tool set might be a good Father’s Day gift – packed in a beautiful case with an inscription.

Such sets are available in different variants – small and big, so you can easily fit them to your needs and, more importantly, your budget. If purchasing the gift with more people, you can consider a bigger set with professional electric tools. It will surely be a pleasant surprise.

Father's Day gifts – a gift for a family handyman

Father’s Day ideas – a Lamborghini ride

Being a father doesn’t mean one has to give up one’s dreams. What’s more, grownup children can make them come true. If you’re aware that your dad is a car enthusiast, and he loves car racing, you can gift him with a cool car ride voucher. A Lamborghini is one of the most popular options. But you can pick any other vehicle such as:

  • BMW E46,
  • Ferrari,
  • McLaren 720s Coupe,
  • Ford Mustang,
  • Subaru Impreza STi,
  • Audi R8 V8,
  • Polaris Slingshot SL,
  • Aston Martin DB9.

There are many options – you can be sure you will be able to match the taste of any car lover.

Father's Day ideas – a Lamborghini ride

Original Father’s Day gifts – wine, beer, or whiskey tasting

The best gifts aren’t material things, but experiences and memories. Keep it in mind when you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift. Think about what your dad likes. Perhaps he collects interesting beers, wines, or whiskey? If so, consider gifting him with an evening spent on sampling one of these beverages.

Surprisingly, a wine or beer tasting event doesn’t have to be expensive. You can typically buy a voucher for $30-$50. A whiskey tasting evening might be more expensive – the prices begin at $50. But if 2 or 3 children purchase such a gift, you can decide on something truly special.

Original Father's Day gifts – wine, beer, or whiskey tasting

A mushroom hunter kit – a practical Father’s Day gift

Does your father love hiking in the woods in search for mushrooms? You can improve his hobby and make it more professional. Just give him a practical mushroom foraging set. It contains items needed for a successful hunt, such as:

  • a large foldable basket,
  • a big bag,
  • a practical knife,
  • a hat.

You can be sure such a gift will make every mushroom hunter smile wide. Additionally, you can be sure the set is going to be used – it’s not another gadget which will land forgotten in a drawer.

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A dash cam – an original idea for a Father’s Day gift

Do you have a driver or a sales representative at home, who spends long hours behind the wheel? Make sure your Father’s Day gift will take care of his safety. A dash cam is an essential – every car driver should have it. If your dad hasn’t purchased it yet, it’s a perfect occasion to give it to him.

Are you wondering if a dash cam is an expensive gift? In fact, it depends on the technical parameters and functions of such a piece of equipment. The cheapest models cost $60-$80. But don’t expect an amazing quality at this price. If you want something better, consider models for $100-$150.

A dash cam – an original idea for a Father's Day gift

A beard kit – practical and simple Father’s Day gift ideas

Does your father have a beard? Men often forget to take care of themselves. In the meantime, it’s not only a matter of appearance, but also well-being and health. Beard grooming products might make a good Father’s Day gift. Depending on what such a set contains, it can cost from $15 to $50. You will surely find something within your budget.

A beard kit – practical and simple Father's Day gift ideas

📍 What are some good Father's Day ideas?

A Father's Day gift should come straight from the heart – memory is more important than expensive gifts. But if you can afford something more pricey – great! Pick a gift related to your dad's interests or simply what he likes. It can be, for instance, a sports game ticket or a beer tasting voucher.

📍 What's the best Father's Day gift?

A universal gift for Father's Day simply doesn't exist - that's why a perfect present means something different depending on the person. You can give your dad a keychain with your photo, a mushroom hunter set or a voucher for a sports car ride. Everything depends on what he likes.

📍 What's a good first Father's Day gift?

A first Father's Day is unique, so make sure the gift is also a nice remembrance related to this event. Such a gift is organized by the mom - she can pick e.g. a t-shirt with an interesting text, or a mug. These gadgets will stay in everyday life for longer.

📍 How to make a Father's Day gift?

DIY Father's Day gifts are typically made by children in the kindergarten, with some help from the teachers. The gifts are various decorated cards, collages or salt dough sculptures, e.g. with imprinted kid's hands.