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Black Mulberry Tree - The Secrets and Benefits of Morus Nigra

Black mulberry is a highly popular plant everywhere in the world, although many people still have no idea what kind of tree it is. The fruits it bears have perfect nutritional value. For this reason, dietitians often recommend including them in the everyday diet. Learn about the properties of black mulberry, check how to care for the tree and find out what benefits its fruits provide.

Black Mulberry Tree - The Secrets and Benefits of Morus Nigra

Black mulberry – what kind of tree is it?

Black mulberry (Morus nigra) is a tree from the moraceae family. It’s very popular – mainly because it’s easy to grow, and uncomplicated to take care of. But this plant is not very resistant to low temperatures – so growing a black mulberry in cold climates might result in frost damaging the plant. But this doesn’t discourage gardeners, and the species becomes a part of landscape design in many yards.

Black mulberry – what kind of tree is it?

What does black mulberry tree look like?

Because of its size, black mulberry might not be suitable for every garden. It’s a good choice for a large yard. With good conditions and proper care provided, it can grow up to an impressive 15 meters (49.2 feet) tall.

The most characteristic feature of black mulberry is its very regular habit. A mighty trunk is the main element of the tree. Its upper parts consist of wooden limbs and leafy crown.

The plant develops a lot of small flowers between May and June. They look stunning, although they don’t produce any fragrance. But it’s not the most prominent feature of black mulberry. The fruits are the most valuable – they are edible and full of nutrients, and can be made into preserves.

What does black mulberry tree look like?

How to grow black mulberry?

Black mulberry is a tree that requires proper soil and location. As for the ground, it should be a mixture of clay and sandy soils. Also, it has to be permeable and cannot retain too much water. Neutral pH level is the best for morus nigra species.

As for the location, black mulberry prefers sunny and partially shaded spots. It affects not only the development of the plant, but also fruits. The better sun exposure, the larger the fruits that ripen faster.

Another question frequently arises – how to plant a black mulberry? Because this species grow very tall, make sure to keep the right distance from other plants and objects. It’s typically 4-5 meters (13.1-16.4 feet), depending on the yard’s size.

Black mulberry tree – watering

Black mulberry tree requires moderately wet ground. It means there’s no need to water it frequently. What’s more, the plant can even survive a short drought during summer months. It’s possible thanks to the extensive root system of the tree. But keep in mind that the ground in which a black mulberry grows cannot be dry too long, as it might lead to damage.

Black mulberry tree – watering

How to fertilize black mulberry?

Black mulberry is a plant that doesn’t require fertilizing, which of course doesn’t mean you cannot strengthen the plant from time to time. But the tree doesn’t require any special products. Natural manure is the best fertilizer. If you don’t have it, you can also use a standard multi-ingredient fertilizer – you can purchase it in any garden store.

Black mulberry tree – pruning

Pruning is a highly important process for black mulberry trees, but it cannot be done just anytime during the year. It might worsen the plant’s condition.

Cutting the tree in early spring is absolutely forbidden. During this time, the branches contain a lot of juices. Pruning them might lead to it flowing out, which would greatly weaken the plant.

The end of August is the best time for cutting black mulberry. If it’s done during this time, the plant will perfectly manage the treatment. The end of winter is another alternative, except for young trees.

Black mulberry tree – pruning

Black mulberry – fruits and their benefits

Black mulberry fruits are becoming more and more popular with every year. Many people include them in their diet. It results mostly from their properties, as well as the content of vitamins and nutrients.

As estimated, black mulberry fruits contain vitamins B1, B2, C and A. They affect nervous system, skin, and vision.

What’s more, black mulberries are rich in other nutrients such as:

  • iron – protects against anemia,
  • potassium – regulates nervous system,
  • phosphorus – affects bones structure,
  • zinc – supports fertility.

Black mulberry is usually used in one of the four forms, which are:

  • tea,
  • juice,
  • syrup,
  • dried fruits.

Black mulberry tea and juice

As tea, brew, or juice – black mulberry has diuretic properties and helps with bladder issues. It’s also used for:

  • stomach issues,
  • high blood pressure,
  • cardiovascular system diseases.

Black mulberry syrup

Syrup made from black mulberry fruits has slightly different properties. In this case, the specific is used against various infections. The syrup induces cough and warms up the organism. It also has antibacterial properties.

Dried black mulberries

Dried mulberry fruits are rich in fiber. It means they are perfect for people suffering from constipation. One can add them e.g., to breakfast. They perfectly enrich oatmeal or yogurt.

What black mulberry recipes are worth trying?

Black mulberry fruits have many benefits and uses. First, they can be turned into mentioned juice or syrup, which help fighting infections and improve digestion. As it turns out, it’s not all. You can use black mulberries in the following preserves:

  • liqueur,
  • wine,
  • jelly,
  • jam.

Just pick the fruits from the tree in the right moment. Depending on the weather, it usually happens at the end of July and the beginning of August.

What black mulberry recipes are worth trying?

📍 When does black mulberry bloom?

Black mulberry blooms between May and June. A lot depends on the weather conditions and the place in which the tree grows.

📍 When does black mulberry tree bear fruit?

Black mulberry fruits appear on the tree when it stops blooming. Typically, they can be observed in mid-July. If the plant grows in a sunny location, expect the fruits to ripen quickly.

📍 What are black mulberries good for?

Black mulberry is a highly valuable plant regarding its benefits. You can use it as tea, and the fruits can be turned into juice or syrup. Such preserves are great for stomach issues and infections. Note that black mulberries contain many vitamins and nutrients – which positively affect the organism.

📍 How fast do black mulberry trees grow?

Black mulberry is a tree of a relatively fast growth rate. It is estimated that it grows even 1 meter per year. For this reason, if you want it to remain a short plant, make sure to trim it every year.