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Aronia Berry - 3 Simple Recipes for Traditional Chokeberry Liqueur

Aronia berry tincture is not only very tasty, but also healthy beverage. As many claim, chokeberry liqueur has benefits that improve functioning of a human organism - of course, provided that it's adult - as this beverage is only for grown-ups. Have you planted a chokeberry in your garden and it has given you a good yield? Instead of leaving the fruit for garden birds - make a delicious homemade liquor. We suggest 3 different aronia berry tincture recipes - pick the one you like the most.

Aronia Berry - 3 Simple Recipes for Traditional Chokeberry Liqueur

Aronia berries - what are they and why should you consume them?

Aronia berries are very characteristic - mostly because of their shape, color and dark, staining juice. The latter has a tangy taste - especially if the end of summer wasn’t very sunny. That’s why chokeberry flavour isn’t for everyone and it’s certainly more popular among adults than younger generations.

Chokeberry is a very popular garden shrub which is becoming more and more popular with each year. What’s its secret? Most importantly, the nutritional value. It’s characteristic for many fruits, but only in aronia berry certain nutrients won’t disappear if the fruit undergoes thermal processing. For this reason, you can freeze and process the fruits freely and enjoy aronia berry benefits and vitamins for a long time.

What exact valuable nutrients does aronia berry have? First of all, vitamin C and folic acid. But it also has B2 and E vitamins, as well as iron, iodine and boron. One can say that it’s a real vitamin booster - chokeberry is more valuable than lemon when it comes to nutrients.

Aronia berries - what are they and why should you consume them?

Aronia berry tincture - does it have any health benefits?

Many believe that aronia berries are a good source of vitamins and minerals - and, therefore, eating the fruits is advisable. At the same time, they have a completely different opinion on aronia berry liqueur. As they claim, taste sensations are the only positive result of the processing. It’s a big mistake! As mentioned, aronia berries don’t lose their nutritional value when processed. If consumed in proper amounts (in moderation and only from time to time), aronia berry liqueur has a positive impact on health.

  • Chokeberry tincture brings benefits for digestive system. Thanks to it, you can eliminate bloating and constipation quickly (and more importantly - in a pleasant way). You don’t have to worry about your liver either, as the liqueur affects it positively.
  • Aronia berry liqueur is recommended to those who suffer from high blood sugar and cholesterol. Usually, it is safe to consume for diabetes and sclerosis patients. Of course, one should refer to a medical professional in each of those cases before trying anything.
  • Aronia berry juice positively affects sight and eliminates the risk of issues like cataracts. It is particularly recommended to those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer or work with other electronic devices.
  • Chokeberry tincture also has beautifying properties. Thanks to antioxidant contents, the fruits positively impact hair appearance and condition, and possibly do the same for skin and nails.

The mentioned examples are only a few of the positive aspects guaranteed by aronia berry liqueur. But they all suggest that its consumption has a lot of benefits for human organism.

Aronia berry tincture - does it have any health benefits?

Traditional aronia berry tincture vs store-bought beverage

Although aronia berry liqueur is quite popular beverage in certain areas and you can easily find it in any store - taking shortcuts is not advised, in this case. Why? Because store-bought aronia berry liqueur has nothing in common with a healthy beverage. It’s typically full of taste and smell enhancers - and such aronia berry tincture might bring you more side effects than benefits.

A traditional, homemade aronia berry tincture is a guarantee that you know what you drink. What’s more, as you can note, there are many chokeberry recipes to choose from - so you can easily find the one you like. Aronia berry liqueur is not that difficult to make. So, accept the challenge and create a delicious homemade beverage!

Traditional aronia berry tincture vs store-bought beverage

Aronia berry tincture without boiling - a quick and easy recipe

No-boiling aronia berry liqueur recipe is the quickest one. Thanks to it, you can skip a few steps, otherwise obligatory in other recipes. The exotic aroma from special spices is an additional advantage of this method.


  • 2 kg aronia berries,
  • 2 l spirit,
  • 2 l vodka,
  • 3-4 vanilla pods,
  • fresh ginger (a small piece),
  • cardamom (4-5 seeds is enough).

How to make aronia berry liqueur without boiling

  • Rinse fresh aronia berries thoroughly and remove any dirt. Leave them to dry or pat them dry with a towel. Pour the berries into a large glass container.
  • Add the remaining ingredients - ginger, cardamom and vanilla. Pour the spirit and vodka over them.
  • Leave the container in a warm place for about a month.
  • Gently shake the mixture every day so that it “works.”
  • Strain the beverage after the suggested time and pour it to clean bottles.

Aronia berry tincture needs about 6 months to mature. The older it gets, the better it tastes. If the suggested proportions are too big - divide them in half or even by 1/3.

Aronia berry tincture without boiling - a quick and easy recipe

Chokeberry liqueur with honey - a recipe for picky connoisseurs

Aronia berries taste quite characteristic… and sour. Many give up the idea of preparing aronia berry juice, wine or liqueur for this very reason. As it turns out, it’s not necessary. You just need a recipe for chokeberry liqueur with honey. This way, the beverage is much tastier and it’s perfect for every picky palate.


  • 1.5 kg aronia berries,
  • 2.2 l water,
  • 1 lemon,
  • 80 g sugar,
  • 4 tablespoons honey,
  • 1.4 l spirit.

How to make aronia berry liqueur with honey

Aronia berry liqueur needs boiling, so prepare a large pot and a suitable spot for the thermal processing.

  • Wash the berries and put them in the pot. Add water, turn on the cooker and simmer everything for 60-70 minutes.
  • Cool off the fruits with water and when they are colder, strain the juice through a cloth into another dish (glass one, preferably).
  • Add the remaining ingredients - sugar, honey and lemon juice. Stir until everything dissolves.
  • After the juice is completely cool - add the spirit. Stir the mixture and pour it to clean and dry bottles.

The aronia berry liqueur should mature for 5-6 months before it can be consumed. Keep it in a cool and dark place.

Chokeberry liqueur with honey - a recipe for picky connoisseurs,nId,5442007

Aronia berry liqueur from frozen fruits with a hint of cherry - original recipe

Did you froze chokeberries thinking you’d use it for baking - and you didn’t do it in the end? No worries. You can use frozen aronia berries in a much better way and turn them into tasty and healthy tincture.


  • 1.5 kg frozen aronia berries,
  • 300 cherry leaves,
  • 1.5 l spirit,
  • 3 l water,
  • lemon juice from 3 lemons,
  • sugar.

How to make frozen aronia berries liqueur

Pour a glass or two of water into a large pot. Add the frozen fruits and all the leaves. Cover everything and boil over a medium heat - but no longer than about 20 minutes.

Take the pot off the heat and leave it to cool in a cool place. Before you do anything else - wait for at least 12-14 hours. Then, drain the prepared beverage and add lemon juice to it.

Taking out the leaves that simmered with the fruit is an important step. Put them in a small saucepan and odd some sugar to them. As it starts to melt, you should notice some juice appearing. Drain it and add to the fruit juice prepared earlier.

When you have the aronia liqueur base - add the spirit to it. Mix the whole beverage thoroughly, pour it into bottles and leave them to mature for at least 6-8 months. After this time, your aronia berry tincture is ready to consume.

Aronia berry liqueur from frozen fruits with a hint of cherry - original recipe,nId,2581628

📍 How to make a homemade aronia berry tincture?

Aronia berry tinture is very easy to make at home. You just need a good recipe and necessary ingredients. Follow each step carefully leave the ready liqueur to mature. After the time specified in the recipe, you can drink the chokeberry tincture.

📍 What are aronia berry tincture benefits?

Aronia berry liqueur has many health benefits and helps in many illnesses. Thanks to it, you can lower your cholesterol and blood sugar. Furthermore, aronia berry positively affects digestive and cardiovascular systems and it helps in removing toxines from the organism. Aronia berry tincture is also beneficial for eyes and it protects them from such illnesses like cataracts.

📍 What is the alcohol content in aronia berry liqueur?

Aronia berry tincture is considered a high-percentage beverage - but the actual strength depends on the alcohol you use when making it. Typically, a black chokeberry liqueur is 40-45% alcohol. Some variants are much stronger - in this case, expect even 60%.

📍 How long does a chokeberry liqueur last?

There is no maximum expiration date for aronia berry liqueur. The longer it matures, the better and deeper its taste. There are only restrictions about the minimal time aronia berry liqueur is supposed to wait until it can be consumed. Depending on the recipe, it's typically from 4 to 8 months.