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3 Proven Glass Stove Top Cleaners - How to Clean Induction Hob?

Do you like when everything is clean? Unfortunately, some dirt is unavoidable when cooking - especially when you use an induction stove. Some stains can be removed easily, while others cause more problems. Are you wondering whether there is any quick and effective way to clean a glass cooktop? Of course! Check what is the best stove top cleaner and get rid of the dirt!

3 Proven Glass Stove Top Cleaners - How to Clean Induction Hob?

How to clean a glass stove top? Make sure to be careful!

Cleaning a glass stove top is not too complicated, although many people feel anxious about it. Why? Mostly because, regardless of what type of induction hob you pick, the top has a very delicate surface. One careless action is enough to make a scratch. This is especially true when it comes to black appliances. White glass stove tops make any marks practically invisible.

What should you pay attention to before cleaning a glass stove top? There are a few simple rules you should follow:

  • Use only soft cloths or paper towels.
  • Avoid scrubbing the surface with sharp sponges.
  • Use products designed for glass.
  • Don’t leave the stains to dry - remove them while they are still wet.
  • Wipe the glass stove top every time after using it - even steam can leave ugly marks on it.

Baking soda and vinegar - a homemade glass stove top cleaner

It’s not a mystery that baking soda is a good solution for many issues. Using it, you can easily clean a burnt pot, remove stains in an oven and whiten curtains. Baking soda is also perfect for cleaning silverware. As it turns out, it’s also great for cleaning a stove top. How to use it? Just make a homemade glass stove top cleaner. Mix soda with water, dampen a cloth with the solution and clean the stove.

You don’t have baking soda, but there’s always some vinegar in your kitchen? You can use it as a stove top cleaner as well. It can remove even the most difficult stains. What’s more, it removes all streaks from the surface. Just like with the previous method - mix some vinegar with water, creating a homemade cleaner. Then, dampen a cloth, clean the induction hob and polish it using a piece of paper towel.

Baking soda and vinegar - a homemade glass stove top cleaner

How to clean an induction hob using a dish soap or a glass cleaner?

Have you just ran out of your special stove top cleaner you normally use? It turns out it’s not a problem at all, as there are many more possibilities - each of them equally safe. A dish soap is the primary product that can remove stains, even the dried ones. Just dampen a microfiber cloth and add a few drops of the soap. Clean the induction cooktop in a circular motion. Then, wipe the surface using a rinsed cloth - with just water. You can also polish the surface using a paper towel.

Another, even quicker method involves using a glass cleaner. All you have to do is spray the stove top, wipe it with a cloth and polish it with a paper towel. Just a few minutes and the induction hob is good as new.

How to clean a burnt glass stove? Use a scraper!

You didn’t see it when some sauce has escaped the pot and got burnt? Or perhaps you left a plastic spoon on the glass stove top, and it melted, leaving a huge stain? First - don’t panic! You can save your equipment.

In this case, a glass scraper is the best option. It’s a special tool for cleaning a glass top stove. Remember: don’t use any random objects that could damage the surface!

You can find glass scrapers in any home appliances store - or, you can buy them online. They cost next to nothing, but they are very helpful. If you handle them carefully, you can remove all stains, leaving the surface in a perfect shape.

How to clean a burnt glass stove? Use a scraper!

How to clean an induction cooktop - and what to avoid?

If you want to clean glass and ceramic stove tops, you can use special products. Many brands offer such cleaners. But be careful, so that you don’t use a wrong product. What not to use when cleaning a glass top stove?

  • bleaching products,
  • cleaners with chlorine,
  • aggressive and flammable products,
  • products with small abrasive particles.

How to clean a glass stove top without burning yourself?

Remember to turn off the stove top before cleaning it - it’s crucial for your safety. Are you concerned that the stains are going to get dry, and you will have to deal with a bigger problem as a result? You can clean the surface while it’s still hot. But make sure to wear oven gloves and use a paper towel - never a sponge. It could melt, and that would be the real problem.

How to clean a glass stove top without burning yourself?

📍 How to clean a flat top stove using baking soda?

Cleaning a glass stove top with soda is very easy. Just add some to water, dampen a cloth with the mixture, and wipe the surface. Then, polish the stove top using a paper towel.

📍 Can you clean a glass stove top while it's hot?

If possible - don't clean a stove top when it's still hot. If you don't want the stains to dry off, you can remove them right away - but first, secure your hands using oven mittens. Also, don't use a sponge, but a paper towel.

📍 How to make a glass stove top cleaner?

The most popular home remedies involve cleaning a glass top stove with vinegar and baking soda. In both cases, mix one of the product with water - that's your stove top cleaner.

📍 How to clean an induction hob with burnt stains?

Small burns can be removed by pressing a wet cloth to them. But if something burned for good, or you accidentally melted some plastic, use a professional glass scraper. You can find them in most home appliances stores.