We’ll take care of the hard part.

Put our knowledge and expertise to work in your home. From flooring to solar panels, TreeHouse® can help you manage your larger projects to make sure they’re done right. And every installation is planned to meet your home’s unique needs, so put your hammer down and leave the DIY to us.


When you buy flooring from TreeHouse, we can help you put it together. From wood and tile to linoleum and carpeting, our experts will get the job done right so you can enjoy your purchase without spending a weekend on your hands and knees.



We can manage your countertop installation from start to finish. Whether you’re installing engineered stone, recycled paper or bamboo countertops, we work with professional installers who know the best way to work with each material.



Not only can we tell you which doors and windows will save you the most energy and money, we can also help you put them in. With our knowledge, we’ll help you get the right window for the right walls so you aren’t overpaying for energy-efficiency where you may not need it.



Professional, experienced solar experts are here to answer all of your questions and get you in the right-sized solar solution. We manage the entire project so you can begin generating money and earth-saving electricity quicker than you might think. This is your solar wake-up call.


More questions? Every employee in our store is an expert in something and can help find smart solutions for your home.

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