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Building Materials

building materials

Using smart building materials can make a major difference when building or remodeling your home. Not only can you maximize energy efficiency, but sustainable building materials allow for greater design flexibility, as well as a reduced maintenance cost over time.


More questions? Every employee in our store is an expert in something and can help find smart solutions for your home.

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[prodcuts_boxes][prodcuts_box image=”” title=”Weatherization” ]The easiest way to save money is to seal your home. Low-VOC caulking, weather stripping, door sweeps and water-based expanding foam all keep the cooled/heated air, and money, in your home. TreeHouse® offers solutions for all your weatherization needs.[/prodcuts_box][/prodcuts_boxes]

[prodcuts_boxes][prodcuts_box image=”” title=”Skylights” ]Light bulbs were invented to help us see in the dark. Ironically, we use them most when the sun is up and there is plenty of light. Skylights let this natural sunlight in, saving you money on your energy bill and giving you your daily dose of vitamin D.[/prodcuts_box][/prodcuts_boxes]

[prodcuts_boxes][prodcuts_box image=”” title=”Decking Materials” ]FSC-certified teak decking from Mexico is sustainably grown along Mexico’s Pacific Coast and doesn’t contribute to deforestation in Southeast Asia. Teak has long been used for its natural resistance to weathering, warping and cracking. And its high silica content makes it naturally slip resistant.[/prodcuts_box][/prodcuts_boxes]

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