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[products_boxes][prodcuts_box image="" title="Wool" ]Wool insulation is made from 100 percent natural fiber and is an excellent insulation product. It’s fire resistant, a great sound absorber, helps regulate humidity and pulls airborne pollutants out of the air. Wool is also a rapidly renewable resource and can be recycled or composted at the end of its useful life as insulation.[/prodcuts_box][/products_boxes]

[products_boxes][prodcuts_box image="" title="Spray Foam"]The most effective thermal insulation per inch of thickness, foam insulation also completely fills wall cavities and even acts as a moisture barrier. Plant-based and hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) -free blowing agents make foam a much greener and healthier option than in years past.[/prodcuts_box][/products_boxes]

[products_boxes][prodcuts_box image="" title="Cellulose" ]Produced from recycled newsprint, cellulose insulation provides a use for a waste product. Treated with the mineral boron for Class A fire rating and insect resistance, cellulose is a blown-in, money-saving option that insulates better than standard batt alternatives because it can fill the small cavities batt insulations can’t.[/prodcuts_box][/products_boxes]

[products_boxes][prodcuts_box image="" title="Recycled Fiberglass"]Fiberglass insulation at TreeHouse® uses a formaldehyde- and petroleum-free binder. This plant-based binder reduces embodied energy by 4 percent. The glass fiber is a minimum 30 percent post-consumer recycled glass and there are no added colors or dyes, making this a more sensible insulating option.[/prodcuts_box][/products_boxes]

[products_boxes][prodcuts_box image="" title="Recycled Denim" ]Made from recycled blue jeans, denim insulation is all natural and treated with the mineral boron for Class A fire rating and insect resistance. It is sold in preformed batts and can be installed with bare hands without the itch of fiberglass.[/prodcuts_box][/products_boxes]

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